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Electrocautery is a technique wherein an electrically heated needle or other instrument is used in cauterization. Ligature, on the other hand, is a filament such as thread that is used for binding in surgery.

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Q: Difference between electric cautery and ligature?
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Difference between electric cautery and ligasure vessel sealing system?

An electric cautery is a monopolar high frequency electrocautery. A ligature vessel sealing system, on the other hand is a bipolar high frequency electrocautery.

Can electric cautery done laparoscopic surgery?

i do not understand your Q. i do not understand your Q.

How do you use the word cautery in a sentence?

The doctors had to perform cautery in order to save his hand. This is an example using the word cautery,

What is the definition and uses of cautery machine?

A cautery machine is a medical device that cuts and seals using electrical current. Widely used in emergency rooms and outpatient surgeries, a cautery machine makes incisions and seals off blood vessels with ease.

What rhymes with watery?

Pottery, lottery, artery, cautery,

What are the parts of a cautery machine and the use of each part?

Emitance of the HFAC from the diathermy via an active electrode through the patients body tissues and then returned back to the diathermy machine via a dispersive electrode. Cautery can be described in 8 parts, on and off switch, power on light handpiece receptacle, activation light, Cautery hand piece, cautery electrode, dial setting knob and handpiece activation button, and handpiece holder. Its ultimate purpose is to generate heat to discourage blood clotting.

What does cauterising the cervix do?

Cautery burns or closes areas that are highly vascular to decrease bleeding.

What has the author Walther Zimmermann written?

Walther Zimmermann has written: 'Die Lehre von der Kauterisation nach Mondeville' -- subject(s): Cautery

How do you get rid of facial warts?

you freeze 'em. Hold an ice cube or an icepack on your face every day.

What are the settings for using a resectoscope with a cutting loop through a hysteroscope for myomectomy?

Generally,the cautery settings should be 60-80 cut and 60-80 coag. Set on blend.

Does a laparoscopic cholecystectomy involve the use of a laser?

A laser may be used for the incision and cautery (burning unwanted tissue to stop bleeding), in which case the procedure may be called laser laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

What specialized equepment used for plastic surgeon?

A lot of specialised equipment is required like, laser, electro cautery, special magnifying spectacles and microscope for anastomosis of small vessels for rotation flaps or grafts.........