Did syphilis come from sheep

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Did syphilis come from sheep
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Does so ya milk come from sheep?

No soya milk does not come from sheep. It is made from soya beans

Can a black sheep come from a white sheep?


Can leather come from sheep?

Leather can be made from sheep

What did hernado cortes come home with?

veneral disease, syphilis

Where does the sheep come from?

It start of with ONE sheep, then comes out from another sheep, whitch comes from that next sheep, and carry's on!

What does female sheep mean?

Sheep are animals, they come as males and females. So a female sheep is a sheep that is female.

How did sheep come to North America?

a magician turned an man into a sheep

What product come from Australia's sheep?

Several products come from Australian sheep, but the most popular is wool.

What STD can be cured if detected early enough?

Syphilis and gonorrhea come to mind.

Where does wool come fro?


Where does wool mainly come from?


Where does wool originally come from?

the wool come s from a sheep when it is sheared