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Yes, she had two. Although in the begginning of the series she was dating Bartleby, she never really loved him. She was probably just courting him for the purposes of keeping two families happy, forming bonds when she would eventually get married. She may have had in interest in Knuckles the Echidna, especially in the final part of the Chaos Emerald three-parter.

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Q: Did sonia from Sonic underground ever have a boyfriend?
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Was there ever a girl sonic?

There was kinda because Amy used to have spikey hair like sonic. Yes, Sonia the Hedgehog from Sonic Underground she was sonics sister NN96

Is there more hedgehogs in sonic?

Ever since the original series from Adventures of Sonic the hedgehog, to Saturday Morning Sonic, to Sonic underground, to Sonic X, to current video games, there are many hedgehogs. The main hedgehogs are: Sonic, Manic, Sonia, Shadow, Silver, and Amy. there are others but carry a minor part in the Sonic series.

Will there ever be a remake of Sonic Underground?

I very much doubt it, as not many people enjoyed Sonic Underground, which is why it got cancelled.

Will they ever put sonia the hedghog or manic the hedghog in any sonic games?

Sadly no

Will they ever finish Sonic Underground?

well no because it got cancelled

Will sonic ever die in sonic underground?

No,but who knows? They never finished the Series,it ended at Episode 40 I think.

Will there be a movie of sonic x and sonic underground unite?

Given that both Sonic X and Sonic Underground were cancelled due to viewership issues and the combination of universes and art styles being almost impossible it is extremely unlikely to ever happen.

In sonic underground does manic ever have a girlfriend?

Nope, pretty sure he remains single.

Does sonic x has his brother and sister in the show?

He is a triplet. Along with sister,Sonia and brother,Manic, but only in a T.V. series called Sonic Underground. otherwise he has no brother or sister in any other game, book, or series. Shadow is not related to him, He is simply a creation from Dr.Robotnick.

Will sonic underground ever going to come back?

Yes,it is to be anounced in 2009 on Boomerang the channel.

Did the Hedgehog triplets from Sonic Underground ever have a father?

Only in the Sonic the Hedgehog comics created by Archie, where Sonic has a son called Manik, the name originated from Sonic Underground's character, Manic.

In sonic x does sonic ever remember his mom or siblings and is it true he has a sibling named Jasmine is robotnic good or bad in sonic x it was good but not sonic underground and who's sally?

1: No he never mentioned his parents. 2: No he has a brother and a sister named Manic and Sonia. 3: Bad but did a good things through out the second a third season. 4: Sally is Sonic's girlfriend and maybe wife. A brown squirrel with red hair is the leader of the freedom fighters and the offspring of the rulers of Kingdom Acorn.