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2 Samuel 21- Goliath- had 6 fingers and 6 toes.

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Q: Did some Philistines have 7 fingers and toes?
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How many fingers and toes did a acanthostega have?

An acanthostega has about 8 fingers and 6-7 toes.

What is the fingers and thumbs recorded on one person?

7 on each hand, and she also has 10 toes on each foot.

What did George Washington became?

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What is the world record for longest fingers?

7 on each hand, and she also has 10 toes on each foot.

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This question

Did Queen Elizabeth 1 of England have six toes?

no, she had 7 toes. (:

How many toes do tarzier monkeys have?

they can have upto 7 toes but that is very rare.

Toes on a moose's foot?


How many times are toes mentioned in the Bible?

The word "toes" is in the King James Version of the Bible 7 times. It is in 7 verses.

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Well it depends how big your toes are! Assuming they are regular human feet, 7x5 = 35 toes.

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You have enough fingers and toes to figure this one out (unless you are a redneck which might explain the question in the first place). The answer should also be memorized: 15. Please don't make a mockery of the calculus section.