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I failed a test for methamphetaimine several years ago and the lab called to aske if I had a prescription for Albuterol because it would show up as methamphetamine. I don't know if the drug tests can determine the difference in todays age, but if you use Albuterol that could be a possibility,

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Q: Did not use methamphetamine but test positive WHY?
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If you have positive drug test for methamphetamine you did not use?

it could be from something you ate; particularly poppy seeds

Can you test be positive for methamphetamine if taking ptu FOR HYPERTHyroidism?


Your sister tested positive for amphetamines in her urine could this mean that she is using crystal methamphetamine or would that show up as positive for methamphetamine?

She would most likely test positive for methamphetamine and amphetamine. One of the breakdown products of methamphetamine is regular amphetamine, so a positive result for methamphetamine is basically needed to discriminate a positive amphetamine as due to ingestion of meth vs ingestion of amphetamine. So basically, your sister's test should be positive for methamphetamine also if she did crystal meth.

Can you test positive for methamphetamine if you take mucinexD?

I'm guessing no

Can any other prescription test positive for methaphetamine?

dosoxyn and yvanse will both show positive in the drug test for methamphetamine

Can PROAIR HFA 90 MCG INHALER cause a false positive for methamphetamine?

No, it is a glucocorticoid steroidal antiinflammatory medication that should not test positive for methamphetamine, nor should it metabolize to any substances that yield a false positive for methamphetamine.

What percripion will make you test positive for meth?

Uh, having methamphetamine in your system! But other sources say the following can also cause false positive results: Desoxyephedrine, Desoxyn, Methedrine, Vicks Inhaler (non-prescription drug), Selegiline, Benzphetamine and Famprofazon, Dexedrine, Benzedrine, Adderal.

What can cause a positive methamphetamine result in a hair test?

sudafed can give u a false positive for meth be careful

Will you test positive for methamphetamine if you take Desoxyn?

You sure will. Make sure you bring your prescription to the test to prove to them that it is legit.

How does a newborn test positive for meth?

A blood panel is used. If a newborn baby tested positive for methamphetamine, there was exposure to meth in utero.

Could any type of asthma medications make you test positive for methamphetamine on a urine drug test?

There are no asthma medications that could make a person test positive for any illegal drugs.

Will desoxyephedrine and or phenylephrine make you test positive for meth?

I'm not sure about phenylephrine, but if it does, their tests are poor. However, desoxyephedrine is methamphetamine, so of course it would make you test positive.