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Yes he did have a wife named Debbie. She is the mother of his son, Johnny Lee, Jr.

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2009-09-20 09:03:43
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Q: Did johnny lee once have a wife named debbie?
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What is luke bryans wife and son named?

His wife's name is Caroline, And his son's name is Bo.

What happened to Johnny Lee's wife Debbie?

He killed her Is that meant to be a sick joke? If so, I don't find it funny. Debbie and I were friends in college and we lost track with each other after I left the monterey area. I seriously hope this is just somebodies sick idea of a joke. I would appreciate this to be cleared up as soon as possiable. This is very upsetting Response to above: Johnny Lee and Debbie were married and had a son. Although their marriage was a rocky one, he certainly did not kill her. They did divorce, however I'm not sure when this happened. After the divorce, Debbie had many issues. She became chemically dependent on vicodin, etc. Her mother and stepfather made many futile attempts to help her "clean up". This was very difficult for Johnny, her son and all of those that loved her. She was arrested in the state of Missouri for prescription fraud. While incarcerated, she hanged herself. This was a very sad and terribly tragic course of events that played out over a number of years. I pray she has found peace. I'm one that loved her. I still miss her. She was absolutely beautiful inside and out. Comment posted on 12/25/09.

Who was roy lichtensteins second wife?

His second wife was named Dorothy and they married in 1980 ( I don't know the last name but I hope this help ) * ) *

Where are the children of Charles Bronson?

Charles Bronson had four children. He had a two children with his first wife Harriet Tendler named Tony and Suzanne. He had a a daughter named Zuleika with his second wife, Jill Ireland. He also had an adopted son named Jason, who died in 1989 after an accidental drug overdose. The three surviving Bronson children keep their lives private and their whereabouts are unknown.

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Who was johnny lees wife who played on Dallas?

Charlene Tilton was his first wife that played on Dallas. They had a daughter they named Cherish. His second wife was Debbie. She was a beautiful woman, I was shocked to read that she committed suicide. I was married to her father for 3 years, so I got to meet Debbie and Johnny and little Johnny. I really hope the story I read was not true about her hanging herself.

Did Johnny Lee and his wife Debbie divorce?

Yes, and then she sadly died. I read somewhere online that Johnny Lee killed his wife Debbie. That is not true. Although, when they were married he certainly did not make life easy for her.

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Debbie Lee is country and western singer Johnny Lee's ex-wife. I'm not sure when they divorced, but they did have a child, a son they called "little Johnny". Their marriage was a tumultuous one, not out of the ordinary for entertainers. Debbie had a rough go during the marriage and developed a chemical addiction. Her life after the divorce was tragic. She committed suicide via hanging. She was a beautiful person that was mired in the horrible disease of addiction. Rest in peace Debbie. You are missed.

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