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ive herd that before they were married he liked to chat girls up t bars..

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Q: Did dan carter cheat on honor dillon?
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Are honor dillon and dan carter married?


Are Dan Carter and Honor Dillon engaged?


Who is Dan Carter's girlfriend?

Her name is Honor Dillon

Has Dan Carter ever cheated on Honor Dillon?


Does rugby player Dan Carter have a girlfriend?

of course Honor Dillon

How long have Dan Carter and Honor Dillon been dating?

4 years

Are Dan Carter and Honor Dillon still together?

Yes. They have a baby on the way.

Who is Dan Carter's girlfriend's last name?

His girlfriends full name is Honor Dillon.

Has Dan Carter and Honor Dillon set a wedding date yet?

Apparently it;s the 10th december

Does dan Carter have kids?

yes he has 7(: yes he has 7(: If you're talking about Daniel Carter the All Black and Crusaders player, he has no kids but has been going out with hockey player Honor Dillon for several years.

Does dan carter have pets?

yes dan carter has a cat and an alligator

Is Dan Carter the All Black Married?

Dan Carter is not married.