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she more likely didn't love her and just used her for money .

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Q: Did Tyria Moore really love Aileen Wuornos?
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How did Aileen Wuornos meet Tyria Moore?

Tyria Moore met Lee Wuornos in a South Daytona lesbian bar called Zodiac, in 1986.

How old was Tyria Moore when she met Aileen Wuornos?

She was 24 when they met

What happened to Tyria Moore after Aileen Wuornos was arrested?

Tyria Moore, Wuornos's sometime girlfriend, returned to her family in Ohio. Although it was never established if Moore took part in any of the murders, she did know about some of them. In the end she cooperated with police and testified against Wuornos at her trials. Interesting Fact:Wuornos confessed and told police that Moore had no part in the murders. She did this to keep Moore out of trouble. In return, Moore was planning to sell her story for a movie deal.

When was Tyria Moore born?

Tyria Moore was born on August 3, 1962, in Florida, USA.

When was Angaria tyria created?

Angaria tyria was created in 1842.

Why did they change Tyria Moore's name to Selby Wall in the 2003 movie Monster?

There are two reasons afloat. One being that the name was changed due to legal reasons, meaning Tyria Moore did not grant the producers her likeness or her name because she did not want to be associated with the film. The other being that it might have been more "pallettable". Tyria Moore in real life was a big boned, shortly cropped red haired woman whom Wournos met in jail. Selby walls character was seen as more innocent, more feminine which would have been more of a contrast to wournos' tough exterior.

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What was the reason behind Aileen Wuornos's killings?

From what I know, she was repeatedly abused & raped throughout her life, which contributed to her feeling fully justified in killing all of those men, who she felt were all a threat to her. She's a classic female psychopathic/sociopathic killer. She killed 7 men. Some of the men may have been bad guys, but some posed no threat to her--even some who showed her kindness. One of her victims was a former Air Force major, police chief & child abuse investigator who'd worked to put rapists and pedophiles behind bars--he was found shot 6 times in the head & torso with all of his clothes on & no signs of sexual activity or that he had done anything wrong. Another victim was a police reservist shot 4 times. She shot them all between 2-9 times & dumped their bodies in the woods, often abandoning their cars miles away. One man's body was never found, but Aileen and her girlfriend Tyria Moore were seen abandoning the car. Aileen's hand print was found on the interior door handle. Around 12-years old she was already engaged in manipulation and trading sex/sexual favors for things like cigarettes, lunch or cash with boys at school, displayed a lack of conscience & empathy, violent crimes, etc. Chances are that she was genetically predisposed to psychopathy. She never met her father, who was convicted & sent to prison after the rape and attempted murder of an 8-year old boy. (and hung himself in prison). Her mother abandoned her at 4-years old. Bad Genes to say the least. It's quite possible that she may have turned out to be a serial killer even if she was adopted, grew up in an idyllic family with a wonderful childhood & experienced no traumatic events. Genetics play a larger role in these things than many people realize-they can at the very least provide predisposition. It's easy to feel sympathy for her, considering some of the terrible & evil things that she experienced in her life, but ultimately she is a serial killer who got off on murdering other human beings in a very brutal, deliberate & vicious way. She claimed self defense, but it's easy to see that's total B.S. It's screwed up, but millions of people are abused, raped and subjected to terrible things throughout their lives--but almost none murder a stranger who've done nothing to harm or seriously threaten them, let alone murdering 7 separate people at different times in the way she did. Ever heard of someone pumping 2, 3, 4, 6 or 9 (a total of 30 bullets put into 6 people, not including the 7th victim who's never been found) bullets into another human being who happens to be unarmed--then leaving or hiding the body in the woods & abandoning the car miles away, 7 times...all in self defense?