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not really!! he basically said that we think what we think because it is necessary.

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Q: Did Spinoza resolve the mind body problem?
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How did spinoza solve descartes' problem of the interaction of mind and body?

Unlike Descartes, Spinoza believed that the mind was an extension of the body, and vice versa. He thought that there was only one type of substance, a divine substance, of which the mind and body were part. As one thing, the mind and body could interact in harmony, not the discord Descartes was concerned with.

What has the author Antonio R Damasio written?

Antonio R. Damasio has written: 'The Feeling of What Happens' -- subject(s): Consciousness, Emotions, Mind and body, Physiological aspects, Physiological aspects of Consciousness, Physiological aspects of Emotions 'Self comes to mind' -- subject(s): Brain, Evolution, Developmental neurobiology, Consciousness 'Spinoza avait raison' 'Looking for Spinoza' -- subject(s): Physiological effect, Mind and body, Emotions, Neurobiology

What is is mind body problem?

You guys have a good day today lol

Contrast the position of dualism and monism as they apply to the mind body problem?

mind body dualism, the belief that the mind is a spiritual entity not subject to the physical laws that govern the body. monsim holds that the mind is not a separate spiritual entity, mind and body are one, and mental events are simply a product of physical events.

What is the relationship of mind to the body?

So a living person, from Spinoza's point of view, is not the composite of two different things. The living person is a single unit or "modification" of substance that can be conceived either as extension or thought. Your "body" is a unit of substance conceived as extension; your "mind" is the selfsame unit of substance conceived as thought.

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To my mind this problem is quite complicated and might resolve with the help of one tool, which I discovered some days ago. What is more the software would help in this problem.

What has the author Rebecca Goldstein written?

Rebecca Goldstein has written: 'The mind-body problem'

What has the author Albert Shalom written?

Albert Shalom has written: 'Body/Mind Conceptual Framework and the Problem of Personal Identity' -- subject(s): Identity (Psychology), Mind and body

Who was Martin L. Rossman?

According to Rossman, imagination is the key to understanding the self, and can be used to resolve many issues of mind and body fitness, including stress.

What are the basic concepts of the human mind?

Philosophy of mind is a branch ofphilosophythat studies the nature of the mind, mental events, mental functions, mental properties,consciousness, and their relationship to the physical body, particularly the brain. The mind-body problem, i.e. the relationship of the mind to the body, is commonly seen as one key issue in philosophy of mind, although there are other issues concerning the nature of the mind that do not involve its relation to the physical body, such as how consciousness is possible and the nature of particular mental states.[2][3][4]

How to keep your body still in zazen while still relaxing?

Suppose you would be hypnotized. Then the person who does the hypnotizing could have you sit in an awkward position for a long time. So the point is that sitting still is not really a problem of the body, but of the mind. The body often reflects your state of mind. So if your mind would be made 'visible' like the body is, then it would seem quite restless. So the real question is: how to comfort and relax the mind? The answer is simple. Meditate. After a while the mind will settle down and then the body will follow.

The interrelationship of the mind and the body is called the mind-body?