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Q: Did Margaret craven have a husband?
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When was Margaret Craven - politician - born?

Margaret Craven - politician - was born in 1944.

Who was margaret meads's husband?

Her husband was Gregory Bate son

Why did Margaret Corbin fight in the wars?

Margaret had a husband in the war and they fought together

Did Margaret corbin fight in the war?

Margaret had a husband in the war and they fought together

Who has been husband to both Margaret kempson and Margaret Roberts?

Denis thatcher

When was Margaret thatchers husband born?

10 May 1915.

What was the name of the fish oil in I heard the owl call my name by Margaret craven?

dogfish oil? She mentions it in another book "Walk Gently this Good Earth"

Who took the place of her wounded husband during the Revolution?

Margaret Corbin

What first lady did not want her husband to become president?

margaret taylor  

Can craven be plural?

Yes, examples... He was a craven coward. They were all craven cowards.

What two things did Margaret molly corbin do?

took over her husband's cannon

Did Margaret Thatcher get married and did she have kids?

Margaret Thatcher's husband, Denis Thatcher, died in 2003. Carol and Mark, her twins, were born in 1953.