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Q: Did Edith Bunker put a twinkie in Archie's lunch box?
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What is a twinkie dog?

A Twinkie dog is a lunch/dessert combination. A hot dog is cooked, a Twinkie is cut open to be used as the bun, put the hotdog in the Twinkie bun, and squeeze some squeezable cheese over the hot dog.

Have lunch or take lunch?

have lunch

Is I haven't got lunch correct English?

We did not take our lunch. We have not had our lunch. We have not taken lunch.

What did you had for lunch or what did you have for lunch is the correct phrase?

What did you have for lunch. It makes much more sense than what did you had for lunch.

Is it go to lunch or go for lunch?

Unless your lunch is literally running from you, it is "go to lunch."

What does the brain teaser exit lunch lunch mean?

Exit to lunch

Which is correct went to lunch or went for lunch?

Both are correct with different meaning. I'm on lunchmeans either "I'm on my lunch-break" or "I'm the one taking care of the lunch-duty." I'm at lunch means simply means "I'm at lunch."

What is correct breakfast and lunch was or breakfast and lunch were?

Breakfast and lunch were . . . "

What is the noun in you ate lunch?

The noun in "You ate lunch." is lunch.

Use in the sentence lunch box?

The lunch box had neat designs on it. Lunch box is used to carry lunch. Lunch box can preserve food for a longer time.

Which is correct form of invitation you are invited to lunch or you are invited at lunch?

The correct form of invitation in "you are invited to lunch" or "you are invited at lunch" is "you are invited to lunch". You could also say, "you are invited to lunch at my house" as this would be grammatically correct.

How do you say lunch in Indian?

Have a lunch.