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I met my wife when we were co-workers. I saw my children from a previous marriage quite frequently. One day, she had came to my desk to ask a quesiton and my other co-worker asked if the kids had gone back to their mom's. Then, my co-worker said, "What? You're divorced?" Then, she slapped me in te back of my head and walked away in a huff.

Later, she tod me she had an eye onme for months, but thought I was amrried because I talked about my kids a lot, so she backed off. Then, she got mad when she found out, because shehad bee wanting to go out with me for months. I told her she just could have asked, and she said she didn't talk like that to married men. So, she was just exasperated when she found out I was single, so she smacked me.

I was in 3rd grade, and I was going on a bathroom break alone. When I got in the stall, there was another girl in the bathroom, I looked under the stalls and she had the same shoes as my best friend, Carmen. Carmen had just left the room to go to the bathroom, but I never saw her return, so I assumed it was her. I wanted to surprise her, so, when I was done, I flushed the toliet and unlocked the door.

I held the door in front of me, and waited for her to get out of the bathroom. Then, she unlocked her stall and walked out. Before I looked at her, I yelled, "Hey, Carmen!" and turns out it was a 7th grader. I then quickly said, "I thought you were my friend, Carmen," to her shocked face. I washed my hands and then walked out of the bathroom. When I hit the hallway, I ran back down to my classroom and never told anyone.

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Q: Describe your embarrassing moment in your life?
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