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The ideal family was the joint family; but the Indian family was patriarchal.the father or the oldest male was head of household,because he was thought to have wisdom and experience,when making decisions he'd have to consult his wife and other family members

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Q: Describe the structure of the traditional Indian family?
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The traditional family structure is called a nuclear family. A nuclear family consists of a married couple and any number of kids, but at least one. Every nuclear family has these attributes. After these characteristics, people have different opinions on how the nuclear family structure is modelled. It is all just opinions, but some people think that the couple has to be biological parents of the child(ren).

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Who had the power in the traditional family?

The husband or the father had the power in the traditional family.

What are the disadvantages of the traditional family?

We have to follow the rule's created by our family. We can't be free minded in traditional family.

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Family structure in the Bahamas is diverse, with variations across different communities. The traditional family unit typically includes parents and children, but extended family members often play significant roles in child-rearing and support. While there is no strict definition of family, strong kinship ties and intergenerational connections are valued.

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