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its black and blue wit polka dots on the has 9 eye balls and can hold up to 500 gallons of water

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Q: Describe gene structure and transcription in bacteria?
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Describe the transcription process in terms of the three regions of the gene?

Transcription takes place in three separate regions of the gene: the nucleus, DNA structure and the mRNA (or messenger ribonucleic acid).

Describe at what level gene expression is generally controlled?

gene expression is generally controlled during transcription

The first step in the process of gene expression is transcription What is the product of transcription during gene expression?

the molecule of mRNA

What is the product of transcription of a structural gene?

Transcription is the first step in the product of a structural gene. This process releases RNA which will determine the traits for the gene in question.

What happens when a steroid hormonoe binds to a receptor?

acts as a transcription factor and binds to DNA, activating a gene

When does the most important step in gene regulation occur?

During transcription.

What does it mean for a gene to be turned off or not expressed?

Transcription into RNA does not occur for that gene.

What is gene body?

The Gene body is defined as an entire gene from the transcription start site to the end of the transcript.

The process of making an RNA version of a gene is?


How do DNA methylation and histone acetylation affect chromatin structure and the regulation of transcription?

When chromatin is tightly compacted and dense, it's called Heterochromatin. When chromatin is loosely packed, its called Euchromatin. Euchromatin is easily accessible to transcription enzymes, while herterochromatin makes transcription impossible because the enzymes cannot access the DNA. Therefore, a gene within heterochromatin cannot be expressed. Also, look up how histone modifications such as histone acetylation affect gene expression.

What does transcription do?

Transcription is the most functional technique to converting a speech/audio clips into a written document by professional transcriptionist. In genetics, transcription is the first expression of gene in which a particular segment of DNA is copied into RNA.

What do regulatory elements in gene control interact with?

transcription factors.