Definition of cheek cell

Updated: 4/28/2022
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cell membrane

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Q: Definition of cheek cell
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Related questions

Does the Nucleus have a cheek cell or leaf cell?

The cheek cell has a nucleus and so does a leaf cell.

Is a cheek cell an animal or a plant cell?

It is multicelluar because human is muticelluar animals probabaly cheek cell looked like nuicellular but the cheek cell is fall apart from our cheek.

Comparison between cheek cell to plant cell?

Cheek cells are eukaryotic cells found in animals, whereas plant cells are eukaryotic cells found in plants. Cheek cells do not have a cell wall but have cell membranes, while plant cells have cell walls made of cellulose in addition to cell membranes. Cheek cells do not contain chloroplasts for photosynthesis, while plant cells do contain chloroplasts.

How is a cheek cell and elodea cell different?

The cheek cell does not have a large central vacoule, a cell wall and chloroplast, things which the Elodea cell has.

Is cheek cell a cell?


Is cheek cell an animal cell why?

Yes, a cheek cell is an animal cell. Cheek cells are part of the epithelial tissue that lines the inside of the mouth, and they share many characteristics with other animal cells, such as having a nucleus, cytoplasm, and cell membrane.

How are plant cells different from cheek cells?

A cheek cell do not have cell wall and chloroplast while a plant cell have cell wall and some have chloroplast.

Do cheek cells have cell membranes?

yupp cheek cells are animal cells so they have cell membranes

Is a cheek cell an animal cell?

because the cheek cell is on the animal, as plants dont have cheeks. and because humans are animals too

Is an cheek cell a plant cell or an animal cell?

It is an animal cell.

What is a nudeus?

it is a cheek cell

What does a cheek cell contain?

A fact about cheek cells is that they make up you whole cheek. Another fact is that the cheek cell looks like a circle with an outer circle.