Definition of Brain fissures

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The hills in the surface of the brain are called gyri (singular: gyrus), and the valleys are called sulci (singular: sulcus). Very deep sulci are called fissures. When locations are described in the brain, major sulci and gyri are often used as reference points, like familiar landmarks.

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Q: Definition of Brain fissures
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What is the definition of brain fissures?

Brain fissures are convolutions in the structure of the brain that form valleys between folds. The valleys are called fissures or sulci (plural of sulcus), and lie between the raised folds called gyri (singular gyrus).Many brain features are identified with fissures, including Broca's fissure, the Fissure of Sylvius, the central (Rolando's) fissure, and the hippocampal fissure.

What is the definition of the word fissures?


Is brain fissures dangerous?

Brain fissures are natural folds in the brain that help increase its surface area. They are not typically considered dangerous. However, certain conditions such as stroke, brain injury, or a congenital malformation may impact brain fissures and require medical attention.

What is a sentence for the word fissures?

"Most surface cracks caused by earthquakes are not the wide, deep fissures shown in disaster movies." "The fissures within the brain contain some of the most important cerebral regions." "The ice of the frozen Arctic Ocean is split by fissures called crevasses."

What is Function of fissure in skull?

Fissures in the skull allow for the passage of nerves and blood vessels between different regions of the brain. They also provide flexibility for the skull during childbirth and growth. Additionally, fissures help to separate and protect vulnerable areas of the brain from damage.

What is frontal cortical atrophy as described with mild asymmetry at the level of the sylvan fissures?

Break it down into less intimidating portions: Frontal cortical- front half of the brain Sylvan fissures- these particular "wrinkles" in the brain seperates the frontal and temporal lobes Effectively the front portion of the brain is wasting away and there is an uneveness in the brain in the area that seperates the front and back portions. Best of luck for you and yours. That's a fairly rough Dx.

What is the difference between a fissure and a sulcus?

A fissure is a deep groove or cleft, while a sulcus is a shallower groove. Fissures are usually larger and more prominent than sulci. In the brain, fissures are deeper grooves that divide the brain into lobes, while sulci are smaller grooves found within the lobes.

A set of deep fractures?


Inwards folds of cerebral tissues?

The inward folds of cerebral tissue are called sulci. These are narrow fissures that separate adjacent convolutions of the brain.

How do you say the word fissures?

"Fissures" is pronounced as "FI-sherz."

What is the definition of Hydrocephalus?

The definition of the word "hydrocephalus" is a medical condition in which fluids accumulate on the brain. The condition is sometimes referred to as "water on the brain".

How fast can proctosedyl ointment help fissures?

Can proctosedyl ointment help fissures