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Damage to the frontal lobe in the brain can cause loss of executive function. Executive function is a persons ability to plan things or foresight.

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Q: Damage to which area of the Brain causes losss of executive function?
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What causes a person to lose capability to sign their name?

Strokes can cause this because they make a person lose some of their brain function. Brain damage can also cause this.

How does lack of oxygen to the brain cause seizures?

The brain needs oxygen in order to function. A lack of oxygen to the brain can cause brain damage. Brain damage can result in seizures.

Does not breathing cause brain damage?

NO, It causes DEATH! :-)

Can ipods damage your brain?

yes makes you mental and causes brain damage im a doctor. IT KEEPS U UP AT NIGHT

What causes brain damages?

Brain damage, can result from trauma to the head following an accident.

What causes austim?

some type of brain damage to the head

What causes your head to shake?

stress or a damage nerve in the brain.

What causes cerebral cortex?

Cerebral cortex is the outer layer of the brain. Having a brain that is capable of a variety of brain function "causes" the cerebral cortex!

What Causes brain damage in football?

The same thing that causes brain damage to anyone on this planet.A hard blow to the head.When a person hits their head there are two impacts.One when your skull hits the ground & one when your brain strikes your skull.

Damage to what part of the brain causes murderers?

That's not known at present.

What are causes of cerebral palsy?

Lack of oxygen to the brain causing brain damage, usually during birth.

Where does alcohol effect in the body first?

The judgment and decision-making centers (executive function) in the brain.