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Q: DO girdles turn women on as it does men?
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Who wore girdles in the 1500s?

Men and women

Do women like men in girdles?

Yes, some women do.

Why should men wear women's girdles?

I see nothing wrong with it, and I have been wearing girdles and stockings since I was a teenager. It simply makes me feel good. Kim

What colors do panty girdles come in for women?

If one purchases panty girdles for women at Macy's department store, one can choose from black, taupe and white. Women's panty girdles may also be purchased Overstock and one may choose from the colors previously mentioned plus red.

When looking for someone to whom they can confide their personal worries women usually turn to women and men usually turn to women?

Because women listen.

What are the two pairs of girdles in your body?

shoulder and hip girdles

Do men find women with a penis attractive or turn on?

I wouldn't think so!

What type of girdles do nhl players wear?

They dont wear girdles they wear pants

When women turn into men do they still have a period?

No the hormones most take disrupt the cycle.

Can women who turn into men have erections?

WOW! no, because they would not have fully turned into a man.

Where can you find information about girdles?

A good doctor should know about girdles, overall if it is a health issue. You can also visit a store specialized in girdles where you sure will get the information you need.

Is tucking in shirt a turn off for women?

Many men tuck in their shirt in order to make a neater appearance. It is all a matter of individual opinion as to whether or not tucking in a shirt is a turn off or a turn on for women.