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the pressure on the scrodem feels especially nice

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Q: Crossdressing men like the feel of lingerie?
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Why do some men like to wear satin lingerie?

not sure maybe because they like the feel of it.or its a sexual thing

What kind of lingerie do men like?

The kind they can remove from their special girl, whatever it is.

Do women like men in wearing their lingerie?

There's a difference between lingerie designed for men and lingerie designed for women. Here's a breakdown: Women's lingerie for men: This can be a turn-on for some women, but it's not necessarily mainstream. It can be part of a roleplay or fantasy scenario. There are also some women who just don't find it appealing. Men's lingerie: This is a growing area of fashion, with clothes designed specifically for the male body. It's not exactly mainstream either, but it's becoming more accepted. Overall, it's best to communicate with your partner about what you both find interesting. Here are some additional things to consider: Comfort: Lingerie designed for women might not be comfortable for men. Safety: Some lingerie is very revealing and might not be safe for certain activities. If you're interested in exploring this further, it might be a good idea to talk to your partner about your fantasies and preferences.

Why do men like lingerie?

Well every man likes the attractive and sexy look by their nature. Thats why girls are wearing lingerie for attract someone whom they like. Now there are many types of fashioned included in lingerie that are available in stores as like colorsandtoys

Why do some men like to wear lingerie?

Probably some men like to wear lingerie because they are a reminder of the girl that looked so sexy in that wearing, some people have a fetish for this and get extremely horny when they wear sexy woman's wear.

Why are men turned on by lingerie?

Men like lingerie because they like the way women look in it, and because they know the woman put it on just for him. It is a big boost to a man's ego to know that a woman finds him desirable enough to dress herself in a sexy, alluring manner for him, and that is one of the biggest turn ons for men there is.Lingerie can also accentuate a woman's curves. There is a connection with lingerie and sexy women and looking sexy, so there is also a connection to sex. Some men find a completely naked woman not so appealing and would prefer to begin foreplay with a partially clothed or a lingerie draped woman, much like unwrapping a beautifully wrapped gift. It adds to the excitement of the sexual enjoyment, as well as making him feel desired.

In summer can men wear pantyhose to make it look like they have a tan?

They can, however it should be known that this is considered crossdressing by most, and is not done often.

Why do men find lingerines attractive?

Men find lingerie's attractive because it does not cover a lot of the person. There are many different types of lingerie's that can be found.

Is there mens lingerie?

Yes, Japanese has innovated lingerie for men, you can check this on search engine you will find a source to buy.

What is wrong with you are a male teenager that like to wear a bra and you know am no gay I like woman and fanatise about them?

You have a fetish called crossdressing and it has nothing to do with being gay. This is a common fetish of straight men.

Does Fredericks of Hollywood carry men clothes?

No, Frederick's of Hollywood is a retailer of women's lingerie. They have a selection of bras, panties, corsets, bedroom slippers, bridal lingerie etc, but no men's clothing.

What did men cross dressing wear?

men who like to dress in women's clothes are called " crossdressers" as the name implies, they wear dresses, blouses, pantyhose and lingerie, also they like to wear women's jewelry, like earrings and bracelets.