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an old woman grabs hold of your sleeve and tags along

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Q: Critical appreciation of poem an old woman by arun kolatkar?
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Critical appreciation of the poem An Old Woman by Arun Kolatkar?


When did Arun Kolatkar die?

Arun Kolatkar died on 2004-09-25.

When was Arun Kolatkar born?

Arun Kolatkar was born on 1932-11-01.

What is the theme of the poem A Low Temple by Arun kolatkar?

The theme of the poem "A Low Temple" by Arun Kolatkar revolves around the idea of finding spirituality and meaning in ordinary and mundane aspects of life. The poem explores how simple, everyday experiences can lead to moments of profound insight and enlightenment, akin to a spiritual revelation.

What is a summary of the bus by arun kolatkar?

"The Bus" by Arun Kolatkar is a poem that reflects on the poet's observations while riding a bus. It captures the sights, sounds, and characters that populate the bus journey, highlighting the mundane and chaotic nature of urban life. The poem explores themes of change, humanity, and the transient nature of existence.

What is the poem Scratch by arun kolatkar?

"Scratch" by Arun Kolatkar is a short, introspective poem that explores the ephemeral nature of life and the passage of time. The poem delves into the theme of mortality and the transient existence of human beings, inviting the reader to contemplate the impermanence of life. It uses vivid imagery and metaphorical language to convey a sense of introspection and existential reflection.

Describe the old woman of the poem old woman written by arun kolatkar?

The old woman is a short poem written by Arun kolatkar. The old woman he has tried to create is one who represents our culture, our heritage and our natural beauty. She is a little adamant at first when he refuses to give her any money. But it also shows how she does not resolve to beggary. She is offering some services in place of money. It seems as if she has suffered in her past and that has made her stronger and she is ready to fend for herself. When everything else cracks around her and she is the only one standing shows that she has gone through worst times.Through her "bullet holes" the shallowness of religion and hollow Beaty can be seen. Her eyes. He describes looking into them as a turning point in his thinking, and this small encounter with the old lady has left a deep mark in his personality.

What is the theme of the story 'the woman on platform no 8' by Ruskin Bond?

the woman in white saree treats Arun like his son.she helps in making him feel comfortable. Arun's calling her 'mother' at the time of parting is a sweet gesture of recognisation of a loving relationship... people talk about that do not talk to strangers , it is realy very dangerous! but here , the woman treats in a way that Arun does not even feel that he expressing his feelings to a stranger!she treats him in avery well manner.

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What is the birth name of Arun Gandhi?

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