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Yes. It happens all the time. Every time we make a choice, it is a conscious choice, while subconscious choices are made for us.

Example: Where food is concerned, we can consciously make a choice, burgers or chicken. We will consciously choose where to go for it, or stay home to make it ourselves.

Subconsciously, the body realized it's hungry, and what it's hungry for on a more molecular level.

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Q: Could you subconsciously want something but not consciously want it?
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Why teenagers want to live a fashionable life?

Teenagers want to be fashionable in order to impress other teenagers. Whether consciously or subconsciously, it is a mating strategy.

What is the difference in a need and a want in clothing?

A want is something you could do with. A need is something you cannot do without.

What is is product place ment?

Product placement is when you put a brand name someplace that people will subconsciously notice while doing something else. This usually occurs in tv shows and movies. For example, if a character in the movie is sitting there drinking a Mountain Dew, and label clearly says Mountain Dew, this is product placement. It's essentially an advertisement technique to get people to subconsciously want the product.

What if your boyfriend keeps going to make-out with you and you want to but you keep backing down what is wrong?

You might have some second thoughts with being with him subconsciously, if anything, take the time to think to yourself as to why this could be, that's the only way really.

Are dreams what you want to really happpen?

No, it means that you want it to happen but it won't. Not necessarily. Some dreams are nothing more than reflections of random mental processes, as your mind sorts through your emotions, memories and experiences. But there are many different types of dreams, some of which are messages to you from your own mind. Wish-fulfillment dreams express things that you want, either consciously or subconsciously. But many other dreams express things you fear. Nightmares and dreams of shame, anger or humiliation serve to relieve the stress of these emotions. They can also provide a sort of rehearsal, in the sense of presenting a scenario that allows you to act out a threatening situation in different ways. See attached link for further information.

What does it mean to dream someone tells you they want a relationship with you?

It might mean that subconsciously you are attracted to them or perhaps want to pursue a relationship with them. Or if you are sure that you do not want a relationship with that person you might just be projecting your want of a relationship onto someone you know.

What does it mean when you dream about your boyfriend?

Men naturally want to be heroes, save things, and fix things. He could just want to be your hero or he could subconsciously fear your death. [additional comments from this contributor moved to Discussion page.] Another possibility could be that "death" in the dream represents losing you. So the dream could be an exaggeration of your boyfriend's fear of losing your affection.

When to use could in sentence?

It is when you are not very sure of what you are telling somebody or something you want to do.

Why was the cruise ship invented?

Because if people would want to sleep in a room or something they could sleep there if they want or if they would want to eat fancy food they could just eat there

Why has your dog started standing in front of you and barking?

he could be hungry or need something. or in could want 2 play.

Why are you lying?

Lying (speaking false intentionally) is to get something you want or avoid something you don't want, or want to happen. It could be to gain approval or material advantage. Lying down is something different. You are recumbent. Lying down is the usual way to sleep.

Can you drive a car with blocked converter?

You could, but why would you want to do something so stupid?