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yes. amino acids can be coded for by more that one codon.

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Q: Could two humans have some differences in their DNA sequences for insulin yet still make the exact same insulin proteins?
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Could 2 humans have some differences in their DNA sequence for insulin yet still make the exact same insulin proteins?

Yes, it is possible for two humans to have different DNA sequences for insulin but still produce the exact same insulin proteins. This is because the genetic code is degenerate, meaning that different DNA sequences can code for the same amino acid. As long as the variations in the DNA sequence do not affect the amino acid sequence of the insulin protein, the end product will be the same.

What is differ ence between the amino acid sequences of the hemoglobin in humans and the hemoglobin in frogs?

There are 9 differences

How are nucleotide sequences used to put organisms in evolutionary order?

When comparing nucleotide sequences in organisms, we find that the organisms that have less differences in their nucleotide sequences are closer related in the evolutionary tree. By this we mean that the common ancestor from which these two organisms evolved is more modern than the ancestor they might share with an organism that shows more difference in the DNA sequencing. Example: the chimps and humans share a common ancestor that is relatively modern because the difference in their nucleotide sequences is just about 1% but the differences between the nucleotide sequence of humans and fish shows lots of differences which shows their common ancestor y much older than the one with chimps.

Why is pig insulin being used as a substitute of human insulin?

Pig insulin is used as a substitute for human insulin in some cases because it is similar in structure and function to human insulin, making it effective in managing diabetes. Additionally, using pig insulin can be more cost-effective and readily available for some patients compared to human insulin.

Pros and cons of gm insulin?

gm insulin is specific to humans unlike animal insulin which is specific to that animal

Why are proteins required for children?

Almost every essential function in humans is carried out by proteins; all humans need proteins.

Which molecule from humans is inserted into bacteria to cause them to produce insulin?

No. When genes from humans are inserted into bacteria, the bacteria acts as factories that produce chemicals of importance to humans, such as insulin.

Does human insulin come from a human or an animal?

Humans, who are not diabetic, make the insulin they need within their own bodies.

When comparing cytochrome sequences among species what species is identical to humans?


What produces insulin that can be used to treat diabetes in humans?


How have humans altered receptor proteins?

They changed the amino acid sequence of the proteins.

When comparing cytochrome sequences among species, which of the following species is identical to humans?