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Which ever way you like is correct to you

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Q: Correct way to wear wedding ring and engagement ring?
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Does the girl wear the engagement ring with the wedding ring?

yes,usually women wear the engagement ring with the wedding ring on her left hand's ring finger together.

Is the engagement ring and wedding ring worn on the same and or finger?

Yes, people of Western countries wear the engagement and wedding ring on the same finger.

Do you wear your engagement ring on the right hand?

Your engagement ring goes on the left hand ring finger, then at the wedding you move it to the right hand so your wedding ring can be placed on this finger and move it back later. You can buy engagement and wedding rings that match, but if you have a very fancy engagement ring it is better to have a plain wedding ring.

Can you wear your wedding ring and engament ring before you get married?

I don't think that there is a rule against it, but it is not common. Wearing a wedding ring generally means you are married, so it would be misleading to wear it if you have not yet had the ceremony. As for the engagement ring, many woman will only wear it until they are actually married, at which time they change to the wedding ring. But some women like their engagement ring so much that they wear both the wedding ring and the engagement ring together even after they are married.

Do you have to wear your engagement ring and wedding band on the same finger?


Are you supposed to wear your engagement band first or second?

It's always upon you and the design of the Engagement Ring and the Wedding Band. But I think that you should wear the wedding ring/band first and after that Engagement Ring because Wedding is more special day in your life and it will always stay closer to your heart.

In what order do you wear an eternity ring?

Traditionally, eternity rings are worn above the wedding band and engagement ring. The wedding band is first, closest to your heart, then the engagement ring above, then the eternity ring.

Do I wear an engagement ring if I have a wide wedding ring?

It is rather a personal choice. Many wedding rings come in sets with an engagement ring that will match together on your ring finger. If you really do not like the way that they look together, there is no set rule that you have to wear it.

What happens to the engagement ring once married?

You just have to keep or else your can pass on to your son or daughter at will.You can either get a wedding band fitted to your engagement ring so you can wear them together, or you could wear your engagement ring on your other hand once you have your wedding band.

Do women wear the engagement ring after the wedding?

Women are supposed to wear the wedding band, followed by the engagement ring after they are married. The rings normally come in a set and are made to be worn together. Some women though only wear their wedding band as their engagement ring may be too much or bulky on the finger with both of them. It is a personal preference though.

Is wearing an engagement ring biblical?

yes, its the same as wearing a wedding ring. ofcourse if you dont wear one, its fine. same with wedding ring.

Which hand are you supposed to wear the wedding bands and engagement ring?

Well depending on where you live and the culture in the country, it's going to be different. In the United States the engagement ring and the wedding ring are worn on the left hand ring finger.