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Convection involves heat loss in direct proportion to the amount of air or water the pass over the surface. Moving air cools faster than stagnant air.

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Q: Cooling of the human body using Convection?
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Which of the bodies cooling processes is illustrated by using a fan to circulate air molecules past the body?


Why human body does not expands and contracts on heeting and cooling?

The human body does not expand and contract with heating and cooling like water, Because the body usually maintains a constant internal temp (By sweating, teeth chattering, etc.)

What is the three ways heat can travel?

radiant, conductive, and convection.

Why human is sweating?

The body sweats as a way of cooling itself off and releasing unneeded waste

How does your body maintain heat homeostasis by using perspiration?

Perspiration cools the body through evaporative cooling. As the sweat is turned to a vapor (drying from the skin) heat is absorbed from the body.

What does the human body depond upon to cool itself in a hot environment?

Pesrpiration. Perspiration facilitates evaporative cooling; the skin produces sweat, which evaporates and takes with it some of the heat from the human body.

What cell or structure is the blood supply here provides radiational cooling for the body?

The skin works to keep the body cool and the temperature regulated. It does this via four different mechanisms, including evaporation, convection, conduction, and radiation.

What alcohol drink make cool human body?

Any alcoholic beverage will have an evaporative cooling effect if you pour it on someone.

How does the body give off heat?

The human body gives off heat in four ways (just like energy): By touch (conduction) by emission (radiation) by circulation (convection) and by sweat (evaporation)

How do Cooling treatments affect the body?

Cooling treatments slow chemical reactions within the body

What does humidity have to do with body cooling down?

because our body uses because our body uses evapourating as a cooling mecanism to regulate body temperature

What does conduction and convection use that radiation does not?

a body