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Well first if it does not hurt a massage is OK. Second what are you going to massage. If it is person's head, they will let you now when to stop. Also if you go to www.howtofocusinsports. com there are some drills that might help your friend.

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Q: Concussion is massage okay after concussion?
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Which is the Antonym of concussion?

fine, okay

Does Justin Bieber have concussion?

Yes, he ran into glass (again) and suffered a minor concussion. He's okay though.

What is the antonym of concussion?

fine, okay, healthy, steadyComa?

What is a double concussion?

A double concussion is a concussion that immediately follows the first concussion, or occurs before the injured party is asymptomatic.

If you have a concussion can you take Valium?

Can you take Diazepam with concussion.

Is it bad to sleep after concussion?

Studies have shown that it is okay for one to sleep after concussion as long as someone wakes you up every two hours to make sure conditions are not worsening

Is it okay to ice skate when you have a concussion?

No, I am very sorry, but it is best not to ice skate when you have a concussion. One person's confusion can mislead them on the ice, and can cause serious injuries to one already with a concussion and those around him or her. This can also damage the actual rink, leading to costly bills and expenses. Unless you want mild injuries, I suggest you avoid ice skating if you have a concussion.

How do you use concussion in a sentence?

A concussion is an injury to the brain when it hits the skull after a hard hitHumpty Dumpty got a concussion when he fell off the wall. :)I'm afraid he might have a concussion.

A sentence for concussion?

Mild head injury is called concussion

When was Concussion - album - created?

Concussion - album - was created in 2001.

Can you play video games when you have a concussion?

Yes, you can still play video games with a concussion. In fact, when I got a concussion, that is all I did.

Was Sidney Crosby's concussion serious?

No it was not a serious concussion. It was a mild concussion but it's taking Crosby time to feel better