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Very bad indeed homie

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Q: Computer in dark room bad for your eyes?
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How is playing the computer in the dark bad for your eyes?


How is the computer bad for you?

BACAUSE if ur in the dark it can strain ur eyes and makes u fat because u sit there to long !

Is using a computer in dark room bad for your eyes?

From MoonStarDutchess: No, it has no affect on the health of your eyes. It's an old wives tale. For more info check out Dear friend i am a researcher and posted the answer after considering a lot of science facts. Please do not mislead people by just refering to some website. I suggest you better ask a scientist who deals with the study of photoreception. I am sorry if i was harsh. I'm told it is bad for your eyes. i think it is to do with the contrast from dark to light that it makes your eyes do and i think that it mught put strain on the eyes as it is costantly re focussing. this might not be right There are two kinds of cells involved in photorception. The rod cells that helps you see in the dark and the cone cells helps you see in bright light. Now When you look at your computer in a dark room for a long time the cone cells are activated since your monitor is bright and when u turn around your rod cells get activated because your room is dark., however the rod cells get bleached by the excess of bright light from the computer when you turn back to the computer. This pattern is acceptable at normal levels. However when it happens at regular levels i feel they affect your eyes. This is what i feel could be one possible explaination. I may be wrong.

Is playing a video game in the dark bad for your eyes?


Is dark bad for eyes?

No, the dark is not bad for your eyes. Your eyes will adjust to the dimness or lightness where ever you go. Carrots can improve your eyesight when seeing in the dark, just a little tip. And there are myths of reading in the dark gives bad eyesight, not true. But sometimes you could get eye strain, which can be short term or long term. Hope this helped some people. ^-^

Will playing video games in a dark room damage your eye?

Yes, it is bad for your eyes. This is because the bright light against the dark can damage the blood cells in your capillaries (like veins in your eyes). ok thank you. what if i play with the light on

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Is looking a computer screen in the dark bad for your eyes?

Yes, it makes your eyes strain to see, which is probably why most people get tired while looking at the computer screen, constantly adjusting in size to the different levels of light, so it could cause eye fatigue. That is, it makes your eyes tired and could make it temporarily harder to focus. It's not likely to cause permanent damage.

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All components of the computer screen does damage to your eyes, not just Animal Jam.

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