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Compare to the shoulder and hip joints, in what way is the knee joint poorly protected and thus, especiall vulnerable to injuries?

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Q: Compared to the shoulder and hip joints in what way is the knee joint poorly protected and thus especially vulnerable to injuries?
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How is heart protected from injuries?

Your ribs will protect the heart from injuries by placed in front of the heart

How the heart is protected from shocks and injuries?

The heart is protected from shocks an injuries by the sternum and rib cage, its bony protection. In addition, the pericardium and pericardial fluid provide additional protection.

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Also, children and the elderly are more vulnerable to complications from burn injuries and require more intensive care.

What way is the knee joint poorly protected and thus especially vulnerable to injuries?

The knee is made up of connective tissues and the end of long bones. The ligaments and tendons that connect to the knee are not protected by any muscles. Simply twisting the knee in an unusual direction can cause any of those tendons and ligaments to tear. Too much of one activity may also cause injury to the knee. In addition to unusual movements, the knee can be injured by a direct blow. The is common in contact sports such as football. If a player is tackled from the outside, the inside ligament can easily be torn because it is not protected.

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A knee injury or a heart injury & a neck injury

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The brain is the least protected in the area right between the eyes, where the front cranial bones join. This area is the one in which most brain injuries occur.

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The main problem is injury. Lots of netballers get injuries - especially in the knees.

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There are lots of injuries that can cause back pain. Injuries to other limbs, especially the legs, can cause you to hold your body differently. It is the back that takes the strain of this adjustment and results in back pain.

What human organ is protected by the cranium?

The brain is protected by the cranium, which is the skull bone that encases and supports it. The cranium acts as a protective barrier, shielding the brain from external injuries and providing structural stability.