Cold sore or canker sore

Updated: 4/28/2022
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To me, both are pretty bad, but a canker sore is always worst! Cold sores can hurt sometimes and are a pain to have on the lip, especially because of it being un-comftorable! Canker sores hurt very bad, I would know, as I get them a lot! They sting in your mouth and it's hard to eat things and especially the pain they inflict on people who have them when they get up in the morning!

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Q: Cold sore or canker sore
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What if you have a cold sore in your mouth after making out?

A canker sore can be caused by many things. See the related link for more information on canker sores inside the mouth.

Is it possible to have a canker sore in your mouth and have a cold sore on your lip at the same time?

No the chances of canker sores are very less, canker sores once there are contagious though.

What is difference between cold sores and canker sores?

Sorry hun they are the same thing. The name cold sore is supposed to lessen the stigma of having oral herpes. The good thing is they are nothing bad to have, they don't do any thing else besides cause an annoying sore / blisters, they are also very common to have. FYI they can be passed to the mouth with out ever having any thing to do with sex. When they break out it's often a sign that you're run down, have been out in the sun or cold weather fot too long, or stressed out by some thing.

Can you still chew tobacco when you have a canker sore?

You can chew while having a canker sore on your lip. If you spit right where the canker sore is though it will burn so just be careful

Can canker sores hurt you?

A canker sore is an open sore inside the mouth, caused by various reasons including stress. They are not cancerous or contagious, and may or may not be genetic. There are no long term effects of having a canker sore.

What is canker sore in filipino?


Does ice hurt on canker sore?


What is aphthous stomatitis?

canker sore

Are the words canker and chancre interchangeable?

No, chancre and canker are not interchangable. A canker sore is a benign and painful sore on the mucous membranes. A chancre is a painless ulcer on the mucous membranes that is a specific sign of syphilis.

Can acid reflux cause tenderness burning sensation and sore lips without any sign of cold sores or canker sores?


What is singaw in English?

Canker sore

What is the easiest and quickest remedy for canker sore?

Gargle or swish warm water with salt in it 2-3 times a day until the canker sore is gone. Salt is a natural healer and is great for canker sores.