Cold shortness in steel

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The steel having this defect cracks when being worked in cold state. This defect is due to presence of excess of phosphorus

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Q: Cold shortness in steel
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What element causes the known as cold shortness in steel?


What is cold shortness?

Cold-shortness: Large quantities of phosphorus (in excess of 0.12%P) reduces the ductility, thereby increasing the tendency of the steel to crack when cold worked. This brittle condition at temperatures below the recrystallization temperature is called cold-shortness.

What is red-shortness in steel?

is the steel which breaks as it's heated to red hot

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How do you control hot shortness?

The main reason of hot sortness is sulphur in steel. Therefore, answer of control of hot sortness is to control the sulphur in liquid steel before casting