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I have similar problem of a small pimple like lump on the Eyeball near the left side of the Carnia( I mean near the Black Ball).I went to doctor. He said it is not a problem, to have it. It is called Penguicula(I don't know the exaxt spelling).He said me to keep observing it. If it grows further, they asked me to come and meet the doctor. Please share your experience too. Thanks,

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If you are asking about a lump that forms in the soft skin under your eye: if the person is overweight, or has bad eating habits, this lump (or several lumps) may indicate that the person is prone to high cholesterol and has the potential for arteriosclerosis, thus heading for heart problems.

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A cluster of white bumps on the eyelid could be warts. This may be related to HPV or another virus.

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A moveable lump under the corner of my eye by the nose, what is that?

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Q: Cluster of white bumps on eyelid what is it?
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