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Q: Classification of laboratory
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What is the classification of laboratory apparatus according to its uses?


Give a possible classification or grouping of the apparatus and equipment used in chemistry laboratory?

metal things

How can researcher obtain correct information?

As you know, there are 3 classification of research. Library research, Field research and laboratory research.A researcher could obtain correct information if he will apply all classification of research. After having a library research which contains all the information he wanted, he should also try to have the field research to validate all information taken from the library. In that sense his information would be updated and finally if the information he gathered from those classification of research needs more proof, then he could use the laboratory research and apply the procedures and information then compare the information to his actually laboratory experiment.

What has the author Harold Murray Lang written?

Harold Murray Lang has written: 'What is life?' -- subject(s): Biology, Laboratory manuals, Life (Biology) 'Diversity of life' -- subject(s): Biology, Classification

What is possessive form for laboratory?

The possessive form of "laboratory" is "laboratory's."

What is the synonym of laboratory?

chemistry laboratory, lab, research laboratory, workshop

What is the possessive noun for laboratory?

The possessive noun for laboratory is laboratory's.

What is laboratory wares?

Laboratory wares are the one that scientist use..... There are different types of laboratory products and are available with laboratory suppliers.

What is the worlds forensic laboratory?

The world's largest Forensic Laboratory is the FBI Laboratory.

What are the common laboratory apparatus with their classification?

test tube- for containing or heating small amount of substance.. classified as storing and heating devices.. bunsen burner-provide heat energy to heat up matter.. classified as heating devices..

What method is used to study bacteria that cannot be cultured in a laboratory?

Metagenomics is a method used to study bacteria that cannot be cultured in a laboratory. This technique involves extracting genetic material directly from environmental samples and analyzing the DNA sequences to identify and study the bacteria present. Metagenomics allows for the study of unculturable bacteria without the need for traditional laboratory culturing techniques.

What are some laboratory do?

I don't know what a "laboratory do" is.