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if theyre going to poop their pants they should wear a diaper. i go to an all girls school and i love wearing diapers under my shirt.

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my life is cool! mummy changed my diapers :)

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Q: Children wearing diapers at school at friends home?
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Why do teens like wereing baby diapers?

because it gives us a feeling of security and it just feels good the wearing of baby diapers by teen girls is far more common than it is with teen boys.teen girls like wearing them to be cute and little girlish at times for holidays and special occasions.many teen girls wear baby diapers and plastic pants to bed at night to releive stress from school,friends,everyday life,etc.they also wear them to symbolize their purity and innocence when they are around boys.

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Obviously. Like someone may see or smell it and tell everyone or pull your pants down especially if your wet or messy.

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you did not mention your son's age, so if he is a very young child, , he probably does not like the idea of being potty trained, and feels more secure by wearing diapers, however, if you son is of school age or an adult , this is now a fetish, and needs to be addressed.