Chicken pooping blood and dying

Updated: 4/28/2022
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cause it is...why can't it?

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Q: Chicken pooping blood and dying
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Is pooping blood good?


What are the phases of digestion in an earthworm?

farting eating pooping breathing and dying

What is a broosh?

A broosh is someone who is obnoxious, brushes there hair at the same time, and eats a chicken while the chicken is pooping

What do you do when a chicken is dying?

kill it and eat it

What are some symptom's of a pregnant Guinea pig?

pooping blood

Why am i Throwing up blood peeing blood pooping blood and blood in semen?

You have got a very major sex infection, or s.t.d.

Is chicken blood red?

Yes, chicken blood is red.

You have been pooping blood only blood no scat for a week Is that normal?

You need to go and see your doctor straight away

What is the function for red blood cells?

they keep you from dying they keep you from dying

How much blood does a chicken have?

A typical 5# chicken has less than 1# of blood in it.

You spit up blood every morning should you worry?

Yes, go to the doctor and he will tell you what to do next. Spitting blood is a problem.

Why does blood run out of chicken when its cooking how can you make this not happen?

You cannot prevent the blood from exiting the chicken unless you buy kosher chicken.