Characteristics of house fly

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Likes food. Tends to hang out in the kitchen. Communicates in wild buzzes.

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Q: Characteristics of house fly
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Where would you look for a fly in your house of school?

fly in a house of school?

Is a house fly a decomposer?

A fly is a decomposer but not in the tundra.

How you classify a house fly?


What are the three main characteristics of Aves?

They fly

When was Lesser house fly created?

Lesser house fly was created in 1761.

Why is a House fly a true fly?

cos it's a fly

Where is the house fly found?

in the house

What fly has res eyes?

house fly

Can a house fly become a horse fly?


What are characteristics of bats?

the characteristics of bat is long ears have wings to fly very fast

Is a house fly a true fly?

Yes. It is just a general fly.

What are some characteristics of carnivore?

Venus fly trap