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Yes it does, personal hygiene is one of the main things they will look for because working in a public service you must represent them and with bad hygiene you dont set the right image.

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Q: Can your personal hygiene affect you working in the uniformed public service?
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What is scenario 2?

do it yourself!Scenario 2Two employees working in the customer service department have an issue with the personal hygiene of a colleague on their team. They ask for a meeting with the team leader on how to resolve the problem.

How is conformity represented in the uniformed public services?

because it is !! because it is !! Conformity is represented in the uniformed services through their uniform and rank Structures, esprit de corps and working in teams. This also creates a good image of the service in society. And obedience is represented through hierarchy.

What are the responsibility of personnel working in quality control dept?

keeping personal and material hygiene and sanitation,following written manuals properly,holding laboratory chemicals wisely etc....

Give reason why personal hygiene and appearance are important as a beauty therapist?

When working with customers or the public it is always good to look your best, because it shows that you care about personal hygiene, because it would be off putting for someone with bad hygience to be sorting out someone else, wheen they cannot sort themselves out. And it looks good on the business too.

What personality traits do you possess that will make working at Dunkin Donuts a challenge?

Personality traits that people possess that might make working at Dunkin' Donuts a challenge could be bad communication skills. Another trait could be bad personal hygiene.

Personal driver for working hard each day?

personal driver for working hard

how this service is it working?

yes its working.

Why should you wear clean and hygienic clothing when you are working with food?

Common sense and hygiene.

How service organization working?

it has a service hello

What kind of uniforms does a veterinarian need?

Veterinarians as a whole do not have a specific uniform to wear, just a dress code based upon the clinic they are working at. However, some veterinarians are also part of the military (Air Force and Army) and there is a US Public Health Corp (a uniformed service, but no weapons). These veterinarians would wear the same uniform as everyone else within that service.

Is it a legal requirement to hold a food hygiene certificate if working in a restaurant?

the emplyor does. the employees as far as i know do not.

Can an employee be fired for bad hygiene?

Probably, particularly if he is employed working with food and has previously received warnings.