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  1. Yes
  2. because there fake
  3. your not aloud wear
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Q: Can your inner ear get infected from fake earrings?
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Where was fake earrings invented?

they were invented because some people thought they were pretty but were to scared to get a whole in there ear so they made fake clip ons

Why does ricardo fuller wear earrings on the pitch?

He doesn't. They are plastic caps to cover his pierced ear holes so they do not get infected.

Why does your ear hurt to touch?

If your ear is pierced, the piercing may be infected. You also may have an inner ear infection or you may have slept on your ear when it was folder over and that takes a while to stop hurting.

Would it look bad to have 2 earrings in one ear and 3 earrings in the other ear?


What are the signs of an infected ear piercing?

The ear lobe will be red and sore, and there may be discoloration around the piercing. Cleaning the ear and earrings with mild antiseptic may provide relief, and if not, your doctor may prescribe antibiotic creams to treat the infection.

What does it means when you have a bump on your ear?

The bump inside of your earring hole is usually an indication that you have dirt, lint, debris or etc, inside of your hole. It should be painless which indicates that it is not infected. You just need to clean your earrings and ears with peroxide or alcohol and stick your earrings in your ear in the reverse, it should push the debris out.

You had your ear pierced for eight months now it still is not healed why is that so?

There are some people with pierced ears who simply cannot wear anything other than gold earrings. If you have had an infected ear for eight (!!) months, you should consult a licensed health practitioner before you do do anything else. And don't wear an earring in the infected ear!

If you have no hair in your ear canel will you lose your hearing?

Having no hair in your ear canal does not directly impact hearing. Hair in the ear canal helps trap dust and particles, but the actual hearing process occurs in the inner ear where sound waves are converted into electrical signals. Factors like damage to the ear drum or inner ear structures can affect hearing, but hair presence in the ear canal itself does not.

What makes your ear red and swollen with no inner ear infections?

Infected ear piercing, Food allergies, Drug allergies, Poison Oak, Poision Ivy, Possibilities of infection in your glands under your jaw

What are ear titties?

Actually they are not ear tittes they are big ear lobs that grow on your ear either from pearcing your own ears and it got infected or you got it pearced and didnt take care of your ear good enough.........they are caused by wearing fake jewelry or infections.........

How do you spell ear rings?


What is the inner ear of the inner ear?

it is for balance and sound