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Depends on what you are talking about. You need an actual doctor to give you a physical exam, unless your girlfriend's a doctor. Now if you want to get sexual about it.. read Cosmopolitan for awesome sexual positions and advice. ;)

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Q: Can your girlfriend give you a physical exam?
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There are several things you can do to help you prepare for your life insurance physical exam. 1. Don't drink caffeine the day of the exam. 2. Schedule the exam for the morning. 3. Don't exercise the day of the exam. 4. Don't eat poppyseed bagels before the exam, sometimes this may give a false positive for drugs in your system.

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How often a physical exam is necessary is largely dependent upon your age. For example, a male is recommended to have a physical exam twice during their 20's. This regularity will increase with age as that same male aged above 65 is recommended to have a physical exam every year.

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A physical exam is when a doctor or psyciatrist (or someone like that) examines your body for any problems, i.e a health check

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Yes there is. Mutual of Omaha is a reputable life insurance company that does not require a physical exam.

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