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Q: Can your brother or sister be my child's godparent?
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Can your daughters sister be her godparent?

yes she can

Can you be the godmother of your own sister?

Yes my mother in Law is Godparent to her ten years younger sister

Can a godparent be changed. my sister in law left my brother and she is the godparent of our daughter. we want to have her removed and have my other sister in law listed as godparent.?

A godparent is usually only a "religious" thing and really doesn't mean much. If you believe it does, stipulate in your Will to change the godparent, though it is pretty meaningless. I am a Christian and have no idea what you mean by "listed as a godparent. Answer from a Catholic I'm sorry to hear about your brother. I hope that perhaps things can be worked out between your brother and his wife. To have her officially removed as godmother to your child would be to sever her forever from your life. Only you can decide whether this would be in the best interest of your daughter, of yourself, and in your brother's best interest. Now that your daughter has been baptized, and you and your husband are giving her a good home and education - including a religious education - your child is all set. Baptismal sponsors are customary (but not required) for the celebration of the sacrament, which has been done in your daughter's case. And the other thing baptismal sponsors (godparents) would do is, in the event that anything prevents you and your husband from imparting to your daughter a good religious education, the godparent would see to that. That would be your brother. If you still feel that it's important that all connection with this lady should be severed, talk to the priest in the parish in which the Baptism was administered, and he will assist you with the steps to take. If you must do this, you must, but if you can avoid doing so, I hope you will - in these family miseries, I've learned it's often best to leave well enough alone, and not go poking a stick into a hornet's nest unless it's absolutely necessary. I'd be interested in your husband's take on all this also. If I agrees with me, Mom, I'm right!

Can your sister-in-law be the godmother of your son if she is not Catholic?

Yes, however at least one godparent must be Catholic.

How are Malcolm X brother and or sister?

he did have brother and sister he had two sister and he had 1 brother

Niece as to nephew as brother is to?

Niece is to nephew as sister is to brother.

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Why do you call your brother's sister aunt?

You don't call your brother's sister your aunt. Your brother's sister is your sister, or you. Your aunt is the sister of your mother or father.

Is your brothers wife's sister your sister-in-law?

Your sister-in-law is either the wife of your brother or the sister of your spouse. Your brother-in-law is either the husband of your sister or the brother of your spouse. So your brother-in-law's wife is either your sister or is not related to you. Some people incorrectly refer to a brother-in-law's wife as a sister-in-law.

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You are not related to your sister's husband's brother. However, her husband is your brother-in-law and his brother is your sister's brother-in-law.

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