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No. It's not a good idea because there has been some evidence that these drugs interact with one another.

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Q: Can you use gravol while on clarithromycin?
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Can you take clarithromycin while taking crestor?


What is the ingredient in gravol that makes you drowsy?

what is in gravol that makes you tired

What happens if you mix clarithromycin and diazepam?

Clarithromycin decreases the clearance rate (the rate at which the drug leaves your bloodstream) of diazepam and may increase its effects. Use caution.

What is the mechanism of action of Clarithromycin?

how clarithromycin works in body

Does Clarithromycin help hives?

Clarithromycin is an antibiotic, and is not used to treat hives.

Can you take gravol when pregnant?

I am 4 months pregnant and my Nurse and OB said that Gravol is fine to take.

What is gravol?

Gravol is a trade name for the nonprescription antihistamine dimenhydrinate. Gravol and drugs like it are used to treat or prevent motion sickness and drug-induced nausea.

Is gravol a stimulent?


Can you drink alcohol while taking klaricid antibiotic?

Klaricid contains a chemical called clarithromycin, which is a medicine used in bacterial infections. While alcohol would not necessarily react with the clarithromycin, it is not recommended because of the adverse effects of alcohol on an already weak body.

Can you exercise after taking clarithromycin?

My son was prescribed clarithromycin for a chest infection, and the doctor said that he should not do 'sports' while on the drugs because there was a risk of heart trouble. I have found very little else in support of this view and would welcome other views

Can you take gravol for stomach ache?

I find that gravol the pill with ginger in it helps with a stomach ache. Hope you feel better soon!

Can clarithromycin cause you to have a miscarriage?

Only few studies have investigated wheatear use of clarithromycin during pregnancy is associated with miscarriage. Some animal studies have shown that rabbits and monkeys have increased rates of miscarriage when being exposed to clarithromycin during pregnancy (Biaxin product information). Adrienne Einarson and her colleagues observed in 1998 that women exposed to clarithromycin during pregnancy had a doubling in the risk of having a miscarriage. Recently Jon Andersen and colleagues found a 50 % increase of miscarriage in women exposed to clarithromycin in early pregnancy both compared to untreated and compared to women exposed to antibiotics used in same conditions. The results indicate an association between clarithromycin and miscarriage.