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Q: Can you use deep freeze gel for cramp?
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How many kWh does a deep freeze use?

The energy consumption of a deep freeze can vary depending on its size, age, and energy efficiency rating. On average, a medium-sized deep freeze can use around 300-600 kWh per year. It's recommended to check the manufacturer's specifications or use a power meter to get a more accurate estimate for your specific deep freeze.

Which is better deep freeze or disk image?

if you use the deep freeze at place like internet cafe or public library pc or institute labs then deep freeze is better other wise disk image is best.

What kind of gel does Pauly D use?

Pauly D uses Spike by Joico and the Got2b Blasting Freeze Spray; first the gel on the sides for the blowout, then the freeze spray in the hair.

How do you unlock deep freeze 5?

You can use a software like anti deep freeze and i give you the link run it and it is no virus or trojan :----

What supplement or gel works best for heavy legs from excessive leg muscle use?

Deep Heat

What are the symptoms for use the computer to long?

your fingers cramp like you have cramp

How do you use the word cramp in a sentence?

You could say"My leg cramped" cramp means like a hurtful pain

Can i as an individual freeze a carcinoma on my arm and send it in for testing?

It is not a good idea. Besides the lab would need a doctors orders. Another thing, what would you use to freeze it and do you know how deep to cut it out?

How can we Disable deep freeze version 6.30?

If you can see the Deep Freeze Logo in the tray, lower right, then you can use a program called Deep UnFreeze to unload the program. Then, while it is in an unlocked state, use the source files to de-install it. The key is that Deep Freeze must be unlocked in order to de-install it, otherwise the changes will not really take place (they are sent to memory instead of being written to the hard drive). Deep UnFreeze is readily available on the web as a fee download. Apparently it was written by some fellow who resented Faronics and became determined to defeat them. If you cannot see the Deep Freeze logo in the system tray (lower right) then the program is damaged and cannot be removed. You need to re-image. JSmith

How do you change password in deep freeze?

In a Deep Freeze system, a password can be changed by accessing the user's main profile and navigating to "Personal Information", from which you can input your existing password and your desired new password.

How to re-install deep freeze 2000 because its not responding?

if deep freeze not respond, the only way is repair your system. repair only not fresh copy. then uninstall deep freeze. try to use deep freeze v6.41 or higher. don't use your deep freeze again because not compatible to your system.

Does Toshiro Hitsugaya use hair gel?

He does use hair gel but Aizen stole it