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there are no known interactions between alcoholand Ampicillin

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Q: Can you use alcohol when taking ampicillin tr 500mg?
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Can you use Ampicillin trihydrate Oral capsule to treat cough with phlegm?

Most likely, you have bronchitis, which is commonly caused by a viral infection and it not treatable with antibiotics, such as ampicillin. You should talk to your physician and have a proper evaluation rather than taking medications without any evaluation.

Can i take 1 500mg Panadol TABLET 4 HOURS AFTER TAKING 2 500MG Paracetamol tablets?

It is not recommended to take more than 1500mg in a 24 hour period. Long-term use of 1500mg a day can cause liver changes. Never, ever mix paracetamol with alcohol!! A toxin is produced by the admixture of the two which can cause immediate or delayed liver damage or failure.

Can you use plain normal saline solution for the dilution of the drug ampicillin?


Can you treat ampicillin for green mucus?

Ampicillin is a medicine. We do not treat medicines, but rather we use them as treatments for illnesses. Perhaps the question should be "Is ampecillin recommended for the treatment of green mucus?"

Can you use the word careen in a sentence?

After taking too much of alcohol I started to careen. :)

Can you mix vodka with diflucan?

Not a good idea. Difucan is very tough on the liver so one should use alcohol with caution. And never use alcohol when taking Metronidazole. You will get REALLY sick!

Which medication will causes drowsiness. amoxicillin 250mg clarithromycin 500mg or omeprazole 20mg. what are these medication use for. what are different symptoms of stomach cancer and stomach ulcer?

clarithromycin 500mg

What happens when you mix alcohol and litihum?

When lithium and alcohol are mixed, it increases the effects on the central nervous system which includes dizziness, sleepiness, and trouble concentrating. Persons taking lithium should discuss the use of alcohol with their doctor.

Is the white oval pill m122 use for infections?

generic valtrex 500mg

Can you drink alcohol while taking ceftin?

Just got a script on 03/20/2011, says if you "use alcohol "

How do you repair liver after too much Tylenol use?

Livers will heal if you let them, they are very resilient. Stop taking Tylenol, and also avoid drinking alcohol; alcohol is very damaging to the liver.

Does coke use alcohol?

Coke does not use alcohol but they use caffeine that people mistake for alcohol. Caffeine is like alcohol though.