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It will help to cool the person but it will not of its self break the fever, that is done by the persons' immune system (perhaps with the aid of medical drugs).

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Q: Can you use a cool rag to help break the fever?
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How do you reduce a fever without medicine?

put a cold rag on your face

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How can you cure a fever?

what can cure a fever is that you can put a cold rag on what parts of your body is warming up or you can take a nice long nap with peace and quiet you might have to see a doctor if it lasts for days.

What will you do to a child with fever and rashes?

cold rag on the head, not too cold, for the rashes, i would use some calamine lotion, it will take away the itch

How do I cure or ease fever-pains in children?

Giving a wet rag on his forehead will do nicely. Go to your local drug store and ask what is right for your child's symptoms.

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a cool rag on the back of the neck, air movement across the damp skin, slowly drinking cool water, not ice water as may cause shock to your throat.

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