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i am pretty sure. you can

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Q: Can you thaw frozen chicken and refridgerate overnight?
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What is the best way to thaw chicken breast and thighs?

The best way to thaw chicken is in the refrigerator. The length of time it will take to thaw will depend on how the chicken was packed when frozen - whether its a solid block or individually frozen.

How do you defrost marinated chicken?

Thaw it out in the refrigerator. Overnight should do.

How do you cook a frozen whole chicken?

You thaw it first. Either that, or find a huge pot and boil it.

How do you cook frozen chicken with bone?

You dont , you must thaw it first

How long does it take to thaw 1 pound of frozen chicken livers in the refrigerator?

30 mins

Can chicken potpie be frozen?

Chicken pies can be frozen. I usually have a couple in my freezer. I take one out in the morning to thaw, and then cook the pie in time for dinner. Not sure what 'potpie' means?

How do you thaw salmon?

I either thaw it in the refrigerator overnight or, if it is in a watertight package, quick thaw it in cool water right before cooking. Salmon can also be cooked from frozen without thawing. It just takes twice as long.

Can you season frozen chicken before baking?

Yes you can, you just have to be careful and if you do you should bake it right away. It also matters what kind of chicken you have. But considering it is frozen let it thaw out for a while before.

How do you use thawed in a sentence?

The chicken is still frozen, please thaw it before cooking so that it will cook more evenly.

What is the safest way to thaw chicken?

The safest way to thaw frozen chicken is to move it from the freezer into the refrigerator to thaw there. If you're in a hurry, it's okay to thaw chicken in cold water, replacing the water every so often.

Can baked chicken be frozen thawed out and frozen again?

When freezing you should try to only thaw out once. After that heat up and eat it! If you are cooking raw food from frozen, perhaps thawing first, perhaps cooking from frozen; then you could freeze the meal once it has been cooked properly. After this again only thaw it out once.

How long do you bake a cut up chicken that is still partially frozen?

Thaw it. Dont ever attempt to cook chicken which is still part frozen as you will end up with a lovely bout of salmonella, or even e-coli.