Best Answer ABSOLUTELY CAN test positive for Amphetamines if you have been taking medication containing pseudephedrine.

METH breaks down in a persons system and shows up as Amphetamines in just a short period of time.

If you are taking a TIME RELEASE cold medicine that has Pseudophed in continually releases it into your system...and...if you take it more often than can definitely read a false positive for Meth/Amphetamine useage.

This happened to my son who is on probation and even through all of the threats of starting all over with his drug treatments when he had been totally clean for a year..there was no amount of talking that was convincing his PO until he continued to deny which time they ran his test through the 'second' level of testing. This second level is more defined and actually tells exactly what has been ingested.

His...came back that he indeed took PSEUDOPHED...during the time that he had a severe cold !

So IF you are telling the truth and you are CLEAN...stick to your guns ! Don't let anyone attempt to scare you into admitting guilt.

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From TAKING warfarin, no. If you TAKE meth, while taking is an anticoagulant, there is nothing in it that would prevent meth from being detected.

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You should be fine.

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Q: Can you test positive for meth while taking warfarin?
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My daughter was in rehab for meth abuse and was put on Geodon for her bipolar disorder. She never tested positive for meth in over a year while she was taking Geodon. However, her results were continuously positive for benzos (which she was not taking).

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not sure bout meth but deffinetly DEATH

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