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I have. Doesn't mean you are supposed to. But it hasn't done anything to me other then make me crave a smoke really badly.

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I want to quit smoking but I take the medication, Norco for pain from a spinal injury. Are they safe to take together?

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yes you can, the only side affect is having one long crazy dream.

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Q: Can you take the chantix along with the medication norco?
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Can you take norco pill medication while driving?

Absolutly just be a little more cautious driving

Can you take norco and xenadrine?

is it safe to take norco with xenadrine

Can you take adipex-p and Paxil together?

Chantix (which is a medication commonly prescribed to quit smoking) and Adipex (which is a medication that is a commonly prescribed diet aid) can not be taken together. If these medications are taken together the side effects of each medication are increased tremendously.

Why does norco cause constipation?® ( is a prescription pain medication. Because it contains a narcotic, Norco is likely to cause constipation. Although you may avoid this side effect if you take Norco for just a few days (or if you only take it occasionally), the majority of people who take the drug will develop some degree of constipation.

Can you take HCG and Chantix together?


Is it ok to take Celexa chantix Valium and oxycodone hcl 15mg together?

I take celexa, chantix, klonopin and oxycodone together.

Can you take Tylenol norco together?

cam you take tylenol with the pain medicane with norco

Can you take Norco with Zolpidem?


Is there a difference in Non generic and generic norco pills?

The only difference is the Manufacturer but in effect of the medication No. I get a Monthly supply from my pain management Dr and i take the generic and its cheaper

Can you mix chantix and steroids?

It should be safe to take Chantix and oral steroids, such as prednisone together. To be sure that this is right for you, check with your doctor.

Can you take Tylenol and norco together?

Nurotin,Norco taken together for a long time

Can you take dayquil with norco?

Not sure