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Yes, it contains bo bad materials. Its beat to work during the date before it expires but should still work and be okay after

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Q: Can you take sensa weight loss system after expiration date safely?
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Where to buy sensa?

You can also get a free trial of Sensa weight loss system for free before you buy sensa from the sensa website

How does the SENSA Weight Loss System work?

The weight loss system, SENSA, works by sprinkling their salt "Tastant" Crystals on your food, resulting in losing lots of weight. Unfortunately after extensive testing, this was proven not to work.

Were do they sell sensa weight loss system?

GNC, Target, also Costco

Can you buy Sensa weight loss system in stores?

yes you can buy it at walmart

Is the dieting product SENSA safe to use after the expiration date?


Does any walmart sell sensa weight loss system?

Not that I am aware of. The company website for sensa lists these as primary retailers: GNC, Costco and Target.

Does Sensa weight loss cause weight loss?

I believe that Sensa will help you to tolse weight, but I would have thouught that you will need to to have some kind of dieting plan. I

Does walmart carry sensa for weight lose?


Where can I find information regarding Sensa weight loss?

You can find information on Sensa at . Web MD also has some good information. You can find them at .

How much weight can you expect to lose using the sensa weight loss plan?

You can lose weight with sensa just by sprinkling the product on your food. In most studies that were done on men and women who had used sensa for approximately 6 months, the average weight lost was 30.5 pounds per person.

What type of weight loss program is sensa?

Sensa is a weight loss program primarily built on the idea that if you smell Sensa Tastants then your brain will be tricked into believing that you are full. This will decrease your appetite eventually resulting in so said weight loss. However, the full website with details can be viewed here regarding the Sensa Diet:

What is a sensa ad is it something bad ?

Sensa is a product used for weight loss. It was created by a neurologist called Dr. Alan Hirsh. You add Sensa to your food and it curbs your appetite.