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its not safe, to many drugs in your system.

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Q: Can you take painkillers with diet pills?
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Why do anorexics use painkillers as diet pills?

That is not commonly done. Anorexics will sometimes abuse painkillers in order to relieve their bodies of the stress that lack of proper nutrition and excessive exercise can place on them or to strive off hunger pains, but painkillers do not work as diet pills.

Did Michael Jackson have a diet of diet pills?

No, he took antidepressants and painkillers, not diet pills. He was skinny because he didn't eat much, which has always been the case with him.

Can you take diet pills and breastfeed?

can you breastfeed and take diet pills! The short answer- NO WAY

How much are diet pills for kids?

Kids can't take diet pills

What tablets can you take for diet?

Phendimetrazine diet pills

Is it healthy to take weight loss pills?

no its not healthy to take diet pills

Can a 13-year-old take diet pills?

Absolutely not. No, a 13-year-old should not take diet pills.

What is a supplementary diet?

it is where you take diet pills to lose weight. which is also called "dietary supplement pills."

Can you take diet pills if you take ADHD medication?


Can you mix diet pills with other diet pills?

No that's never a good idea. Dont take diet pills in the first place, they really don't help all that much

Is it safe to take diet pills if you have low thyroid and are taking high blood pressure pills?

Its never a good idea to take diet pills to lose weight. Most of diet pills are not FDA approved. Also weight loss with help of such pills is not long lasting. Try sticking to exercise and a healthy diet to lose weight gradually.

Is there a pill to lose weight?

Diet Pills are constantly advertised. But honestly, it is better not to take them. Diet pills can cause Heart Attacks.