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I do it every night and it works fine. I usually drink my chamomile an hour or 2 before bed though. It helps dinner digest so the ambien can work better.
No, you should never take a sleeping aid, even natural, with prescription sleep medicine.

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You can, as chamomile has no interaction with exopiclone/Lunesta.


Chamomile is often packaged with Valerian Root, a holistic sleep aid, and Valerian Root does indeed rate a caution with exopiclone as well as a surprisingly large number of other prescription drugs.

So if you wish to have chamomile when you also take Lunesta, you're advised to check the contents of the packaged tea, and make certain it's pure chamomile.

Anyway, chamomile tastes better in pure form anyway :}

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Yes it is safe.

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Q: Can you take lunesta and chamomile tea together?
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Chamomile tea consists of what?

Dried Flowers === === The flowers from which chamomile tea is made are Matricaria Recutita and Matricaria Chamomilla.

Does chamomile tea make you tired?

Chamomile tea can be relaxing. If you are already tired, but tense, you may not realize that you are tired. After you relax, you may notice the tiredness. Chamomile tea should not make you tired, by itself.

Tea for inducing sleep?

Chamomile tea or valerian tea. Either of them works well.

Do you use the leaves or the flowers to make chamomile tea?

Almost always, the flowers are used to make chamomile tea. The leaves can also be used, but the tea is not as fragrant.

How do you dye hair with chamomile tea?


What kind of tea is best for my baby's skin?

chamomile tea is the best!

Is green tea the same as te de manzanilla?

No, they are from different plants. Green tea is camellia sinesis, whereas te de manzanilla is chamomile tea (matricaria chamomilla). Green tea has caffeine and chamomile does not.

Can a person with glaucoma drink chamomile tea without harming her eyes?

Chamomile tea has not been demonstrated to increase eye pressure or to reduce the effectiveness of glaucoma drops. Chamomile does not contain any substances that would have that effect.

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How do you get rid of a pike on your eye?

Soak a chamomile tea bag in warm water (you can simply make a cup of chamomile tea) and wait till the tea bag cools down. Then place the tea bag on the eyes for ten minutes. You can repeat the procedure a few times in a day. Another option is soaking your eyes in a cup of cold or lukewarm chamomile tea.

Is chamomile tea good during pregnancy?

Chamomile tea is often suggested in the treatment of insomnia, anxiety and digestive problems. Chamomile is gentle enough that it is frequently used to treat children and as an evening beverage for pregnant women. Used normally (not as the only beverage taken) it is perfectly healthy for most people. The exception being people with allergies to the plant or other plants in the same family.