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Yes you can, and I did get a very good "trip" out of that :D

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Q: Can you take ectacy with imovane?
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Can you take flexeril with imovane?

You need to consult a doctor. We cannot answer such questions as we are unaware of your medical condition

Does imovane overdose lead to death?

ya i think it can be

What drugs produce both amnesia and euphoria when mixed with alcohol?


Can you be arested for 7 ecstasy?

Ectacy is a combination of many illegal drugs. Yes.

What is a White star shaped pill with a x on one side and a 05 on the other?


What is the shelf life of ectacy?

Over 10 years if kept in a cool, dry, dark place.

How long till ectacy kicks in?

depends on what its pressed with. mdma takes 40-120 minutes to kick in, usually on the lower end if its cut with something like meth.

What does it mean when a guy acts like he's in love with you one day and then acts like you are just friends the next day?

It pretty much means was either drunk, or high that day. But most likely on ectacy that day

What 2 prescription medications show same chemical result in urine test?

Prescription sedative Imovane, shows up as a weak Benzodiazepine. The urine tests have become pretty sophisticated. Most opioids are showing up individually.

Can you use Pristiq and Dozile together?

doesn't work for me. Pristiq has caused horrible insomnia for me. I have tried Imovane- lucky to get 4 hours sleep, Zanax + valium together- maybe 5 hours broken sleep. Waiting to find something that works with Pristiq :(

What type of drugs was Pink addicted to?

yes pink waz on drigs when she staarted to sing she used the last bit of chrstal on went sober for good

How is drug paraphernalia punishable in Norh Dakota?

a 500.00 dollar fine and if the counts go above 3 pieces it can mean serious jail time or even prision if its -acid-2cb-ectacy-or mushrooms-its a life sentence. drugparafililia can be classified as anything that has drug resadue on it-a straw, or an soda can, or a simple pocket knife.