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Q: Can you take creatine while using diuretics?
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Can you take Creatine supplements while taking Abilify?

no do not take Creatine supplements while taking Abilify

Can you take Viagra while loading up on creatine?


Can you take creatine while on the hcg diet?


What supplements should you not take while taking synthroid?

Can you take creatine while taking synthroid medication

If you take to much creatine can you die?

Based on my research there is no conclusive evidence of creatine being linked to death. However, I have found one instance where someone taking NO Xplode, which contains Creatine Monohydrate, was hospitalized for a few days because his kidneys became 90% shut down while using the supplement. Creatine CAN be dangerous; the damage it causes on your kidneys and liver are irreversible.

Can you take creatine with citalopram?

yes, you can. citalopram, which i also take, is an ssri. it has to do with seratonin levels in the brain. creatine, on the other hand, is a bodybuilding supplement. creatine helps increase the amount of adenosine triphosphate (atp) in the muscle cells to prolong fatigue while working out. i work out regularly and have taken a broad array of supplements, including creatine, and this would be perfectly safe.

Is it bad to take caffeine with creatine?

Yes it is bad to take caffeine with creatine. Both caffeine and creatine dehydrate you so you will get really dehydrated. Even when on creatine alone you should drink a lot of water because creatine needs a lot of water to work and you will get dehydrated if you don't drink water when on it. Also caffeine will reduce the effectiveness of creatine.

Can women take creatine?


Is it ok to be on both creatine and muscle milk?

Yes, take creatine in the morning one hour before a workout and muscle milk after the workout. Also, take creatine later in the day and muscle milk before bed. If you work out twice a day, follow the first step along with muscle milk before bed. Take fish oil at night with the muscle milk, it is healthy and will reduce your risks of a lot of diseases associated with not drinking enough water while on creatine.

Can creatine make your penis bigger?

no creatine does not make you fat as long as you work out or excersize it retains water in your muscles so you look fuller. but if you take it without working out yes you will start to become fat

Will takin creatine pass a urine test?

It will help you pass the creatine screening if you diluted your urine. If you do nothing else but take creatine, then no you are wasting your time.

Is it true if you take creatine you cant play college football?

Creatine is banned for all NCAA sports